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About US 

CMI is a provider of analytical services, including XRD, EDX, XRF, SEM, LPSA, FTIR, GC, TOC, TSS, & thin sectioning.  

Mansour Rahmatian, our senior reservoir mineralogist, has over thirty years of industry experience in wellbore forensic investigation and

formation evaluation.     


X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) Analysis                                                     Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)           

X-Ray Florescence Spectrometry (XRF & EDX)                             Laser Particle Size Analysis (LPSA)

Thin Section Petrography                                                                   Total Organic Carbon and RockEval  

Scale Analysis by XRD and EDX Techniques                                  API Barite QC from Mining to Drilling Operation

Barium Sulfate Solubility Tests with In-House Chemicals              Sanding Prediction & Wellbore Stability Analysis

Low Resistivity Pay Evaluation                                                          Formation Damage Prevention, Diagnosis & Remediation

Drilling, Completion, & Stimulation Recommendations                 Well Failure Root Cause Evaluation & Remedial Recommendations

Core Mineralogy, Inc. 100 Jared Drive: Broussard, LA 70518